Encryption Used in Online Casinos

Different encryption methods used in online casinos

Online casinos provide faster access to the games and offer a plethora of Indian gaming options to the players. The betting industry is booming due to the presence of online casinos worldwide. Security issues cannot be ignored in online casinos.

Online casinos deal with people’s money and confidential information. Infact, if you want to run a successful casino business, you must ensure that your casino has all the safety features. Encryption is a viable method of ensuring casino safety.

In this article, we will check out the popular encryption methods that the casinos use.

Before checking out the safety features, let’s find out why the casinos need security methods in the first place:

  • Casinos need online safety features to deal with people’s money, as you are aware deposits and withdrawals are common in casinos. So if the security features are not enabled, people can lose out a considerable amount of data.
  • Casinos will need security features and encryption methods so that it gets a good brand value. The casinos which do not have encryption methods can have a bad reputation. After all people will prefer investing in the casinos where their money and other personal information will be safe.
  • Casinos will need security features so that they can get a competitive edge. Imagine a casino company has more gaming features and has a more attractive website than your company. However, suppose you have the encryption methods. In that case, people will still prefer investing in your casino site and not on your competitor that does not have the encryption and other security methods.
  • Casinos will need encryption methods to generate more revenues. This seems to be relatively straightforward as the casinos with more safety features will attract more visitors. Many of the leads will convert to sales. Hence, by having the encryption methods and safety features in your online casino site, you can generate more revenues.

Encryption Used in Online Casinos

Standard encryption methods used in online casinos

Casinos can offer protection by utilizing the SSL connections which help in preventing the DDOS attacks. The secure socket layer will prevent hackers from stealing your confidential data when you hit the navigation bar of your favourite online casino site.

Several software providers will provide additional security features. For instance, Micro gaming software will provide AES encryption methods. The advanced encryption standard is an excellent way of protecting the confidential information. The AES works on substitution permutation network.

Many casino sites utilize DES encryption methods to protect the data of the users. DES will encrypt your data in blocks and will prevent malicious usage of data by others. DES algorithm functions in a straightforward manner and provides protection again vulnerabilities.

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How we can use VPN to gamble online

How we can use VPN to gamble online

VPN stands for Virtual Private network. VPN facilitates data sharing across the public network. The virtual Private network allows anonymous web browsing. In this article, we will check the advantages of playing in casino via VPN

Participating in casinos via a VPN keeps your information secure from the prying eyes of the criminals. When you enter the casino site, the hackers can easily steal information about your confidential data and financial information by tracking your IP. However, when you use a VPN, the information is not portrayed to the hackers, so your information remains safe. Read what various encrypted options are used at online casinos by clicking here!

The remote servers access the internet on your behalf, and the hackers fail to locate your exact location.

Many of the casino sites will be inaccessible to the users; however, by utilizing a VPN, you can use them.

The best part is that using a VPN; you can change your location. For instance, you can mark your location as India if you want to access the Indian casinos.

However, in some countries like North Korea, VPN usage is banned for the casinos. They believe that usage of a VPN can lead to criminal activities. You are not supposed to download copyrighted information; you can also cyber stalk somebody. If you have evil intentions and are caught, then the consequences can be severe and legal actions can also be taken against you.

As a precaution, you must check the terms and conditions of the websites before indulging in the online casinos. Some sites can even confiscate your funds if you are caught doing unlawful activities by using VPN

Please find below some of the best VPNs for casinos

  • ExpressVPN
  • NordVPN
  • Surf shark
  • Cyber ghost
  • IPVanish
  • PrivateVPN

Online Gambling

What are the features that you should look for in a casino VPN?

When you look out for the VPN, the availability of many options in the market can be mind-boggling. We have listed some of the features below to help you choose the best VPN for your casinos.

WI-FI protection: The VPN you will be using for the casinos should be able to give you Wi-Fi protection. Unless your Wi-Fi is protection, hackers can access your confidential information easily.

Logs deleted: The VPN should be able to delete all logs and past histories. Unless this is done, the scammers can hack your data and use them for malicious activities.

Fast service: The VPN should be able to provide you with fast and reliable service. It may be frustrating if your connection is prolonged. Hence it would help if you got a VPN that works fast.

Customer support: A good VPN should have robust customer support to provide you with a timely resolution to your problems and timely responses to your queries and concerns.

It may be a prudent decision to mask your IP and geographic location while accessing the casino sites. However, you need to check out the above factors before using VPNs.


Upcoming trends in casino

Upcoming trends in casino

The gambling and gaming industry has exhibited numerous transformations over the past decades with the passing of your time. Now, within the times, these changes remain and have evolved to incorporate technological advancements. With the commencement of cryptocurrency in casinos last year, many forecasts that this year should be another interesting one that is set with new trends to redefine and transform complete areas of this enormous industry. 

Online casino is far and away a goldmine and punters are experiencing boundless opportunities. Online gambling is growing steadily and consistently as it is among the dependable recession-proof organization by the design of things. Because the year keeps progressing, various innovations are happening to reinforce an exciting experience. These trends have led to the expansion of the on-net casino industry, and that they are genuinely expected to travel into 2020 and become bigger and better. 

Let’s look into some of the exciting casino trends:

Introduction of cryptocurrencies and Bitcoins

Many casinos have introduced these in addition to the traditional paying methods. These have increased the popularity of the casinos.

Entertaining themed slots

Gone are the times when fruit-themed casinos and traditional themes were popular currently exciting themed slots are gaining popularity. Some of the popular themed slots are valentine slots, Celtic slots, movie slots, music slots, cartoon slots, Christmas slots, etc. It is expected that by the end of 2020, many new and innovative themes will be introduced in the slots to attract more players.

Online Casino

Increase in welcome bonus

For attracting more players, many casinos are offering a higher welcome bonus. This trend will continue in future also. Many more casinos will offer exciting welcome bonuses and other offers to attract more customers.

Land-based casinos are declining

The progress of online casinos has led to the decline of land-based casinos. Now more people are playing casinos online. Amidst the COVID fiasco, when more people are in-home arrest, they are reluctant to go out and rely on the online casinos for entertainment.

Change in consumer habits and preferences

the client’s habits and preferences gradually change with the passing time. Casinos are expected to come up with innovations to meet with the demands of the customers.